Chapters on terrorism, ISIS, American borders, the new Russia, the coming of Christ, and other timely topics, all help readers understand how God's hand is still at work on His eternal plan for mankind. When you look at recorded history, solid facts and figures, and visible proof in the world’s current events right now in our lifetime, it is only… Read More

The firm—quite obviously—could not make him partner, but he worked very hard when he worked and provided a ton of value to the legal firm. Others who are of counsel may take frequent time off, be sick, or be injured consistently and otherwise have issues that make it difficult for them to be 100% dedicated to the company. The benefits of collab… Read More

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Dram shop—A drunk driver may not be the only party responsible for injuries sustained in a drunk-driving accident. Establishments that served alcohol to a driver may also be responsible under Pennsylvania’s Dram Shop laws. Product liability— Whether a child’s toy or pharmaceuticals, defective products can seriously injure users. Those who m… Read More

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