How To Make A Hole In A Belt

Belts have always been like ties to me: A tie can cost as much or greater than an entire shirt, however seems to require little or no work to provide. Since it's best to have more than enough further fabric to work with from your 1/four yard of material, cut a few pieces off in the course of the grain your cloth shall be in to your final product and measure out how large your belt can be. Don't just go by the width of the buckle's proper facet; your belt needs to have the ability to slide comfortably over the aspect where the clasp will relaxation on the left facet.
A nail will make a smoother Hole via a skinny belt, however when you're seeking to save time, a screw could be turned through the Leather, using its threads to tear by way of sooner. I had to use scissors to scrub each Hole up and it took a LOT of pressure simply to get that! I might be ok if all you wish to do is make a new Hole in a belt get what you pay for. Even recent out of the field, this set of pliers has lots of play in its alignment - very simple to not get on the anvil sq. and punch an ovular Hole. I needed a belt that was a little bit longer, and so I went with a 45″ in. size and a 1″ in. width.

Option #2: The Electric Drill For those who take your time, and begin the outlet well, you possibly can drill by means of Leather with fairly clear results. In case your belt has oval form or elongated holes, I am guess you possibly can use this device to create the two round corners and then minimize out the middle with an craft knife. Then pick it up with pliers and stick it by way of the opening you simply made within the belt.
Perhaps you misplaced or gained some weight; perhaps you discovered the proper belt at a thrift store, but it's a not the precise measurement; possibly you want a Hole between two of the already existing holes-whatever the issue is, this tutorial will present you easy methods to add nice spherical belt holes. Use a piece of scrap Leather beneath the belt, so that you're not hammering the punch right into the anvil. The brand new holes look barely extra ragged across the edges, but using the belt will assist to easy them down.

Take a tape measure and determine the width of your hips, or wherever your belt will likely be sitting when you wear it. Whatever quantity you come up with, add about 8-10″ in. This needs to be the size of the material to your belt altogether! This cloth has a backing and is thick sufficient with just one layer, so I solely needed to cut one piece for the belt. With this Leather fabric, I wanted to trim the edges so the perimeters lined up properly with the squares of the basketwoven strips. You should also take the time to double-check that your strip of fabric on your belt will match now that it's trimmed down.
Regardless of which of the methods below you go for, 90% of your success will be determined not by how the opening gets there, however by where you place it within the first place. Or, when you're crazy obsessive (I'm), you may make somewhat template with some painters tape. There's not much to it: Mark your spot, and place your belt on some scrap wooden. Choice #3: The Leather Hole Punch This designated device is by far essentially the most best option.
It will come with snaps to hold the buckle on, so all we'll must do is trim the end to dimension, match it for a Hole, and protect the Leather. Leather Balm with Atom Wax in Neutral, $6.99 The Leather that you're shopping for is untreated. If you need a colored belt as a substitute of the pure colour, you possibly can substitute this with water based Leather dye. You can use a Leather punch to create the belt Hole, or if you do not have one, you may fastidiously use an influence drill.

In case your prime precedence is a cushty match, as an alternative wear the belt and pull it to a cushty place, then mark the belt the place the strap tongue touches it. Use heavy objects to weigh down every end of the belt, with the placement where the outlet will punch hole in leather belt be punched on top of a block of wooden or different hard, flat surface. You can even choose to snipping the other finish, as soon as it has penetrated the outer layer a bit, as an alternative of drilling a perfect Hole.
My dad taught me an excellent trick when using an awl to make a brand new Hole: Carefully maintain the metal tip in an open stove flame for a minute or two, then rigorously push it through the Leather. It should seal the opening to the proper dimension and hold it from shrinking up. By the way, I am woman (yeah, hear me roar). I recently purchased an archery quiver, and even on the shortest setting, the Leather straps are nonetheless approach too long. After the drill bit penetrates the belt, transfer the drill up and right down to clear out the chaff from the edges of the hole.

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