The 5 Best Saigon Restaurants

The liveliest section of Nguyen Thuong Hien is between the cross streets of Nguyen Dinh Chieu and Vo Van Tan. Settle down to some snails and shellfish – a classic Saigon night out – at A Soi ( Nguyen Thuong Hien). Oysters, clams, crab claws, sea snails and local beer are all on the menu here. Although Nguyen Thuong Hien is famous for its seafood, it’s also become the unofficial fruit juice street of Saigon.
It’s composed of egg yolk whipped with condensed milk, then blended with robusta coffee. Think of it as a tiramisu — except it’s a drink and originally Vietnamese. specialises in local and international coffee beans, as well as the Japanese pour-over method. The founder, Nguyen Huu Long, spent several years in Japan, hence its heavy influence on the café’s design, methods, and menu offerings. The bar seats on the first floor are perfect if you’d like to chat up the baristas and learn a thing or two. Meanwhile, the second floor allows you to people-watch and observe the happenings below.

There is no addition of oil, which is the main distinction from Roman dough. It gives the crust less weight, more flavor, and a slightly less crispy, more chewy texture. Cooked in a bricks oven, imported in three parts from Italy and assembled in the open-cuisine where you can see the chef and his team of pizzaioli at work, and even briefly chat with them. There is a bar next to the cuisine, for an aperitif before getting a table available in this always full restaurant. There are also some rooms upstairs used for private receptions, or when the ground floor restaurant is full.
7.4 was one of the higher overall scores I’ve seen on that site. Nice and fatty with crackingly crisp skin, it was absolutely delicious and perhaps the best banh mi we had in Saigon. If you like crispy pork belly, then you’re going to love the banh mi heo quay at Phuc Hai.

The elevators are oddly small given the grandness of most every other aspect of the hotel design. The morning following my first night at the hotel, I watched work on an archaeological dig in front of the hotel. The hotel in 1986 was contracted to Sheraton Hotels management, the first western managed hotel in Soviet-bloc Europe. The center building of the Largo is the National Assembly of Bulgaria, originally occupied by Bulgarian Communist Party headquarters. To the left, TZUM Central Department Store, an upscale retail outlet that has held that location since 1957. The building on the right holds the Ministry of Education on the side shown, President’s Offices in the back and Sofia Hotel Balkan in the front.
It looked awesome, though not featuring pizza the day of our visit. We shall order it next time, just to compare it with the fantastic one enjoyed at Opera the same week. This promising gastronomic restaurant proposes a money saving set lunch at USD 8 and USD 11 , including tea or coffee. Keeping with fish and refinement, we ordered a so fresh “Raw Scallops, Marinated Salmon Steak, Avocado Purée Trio, Wasabi sauce”. This is a season dish, a la carte in June / July, with a strong Japanese influence. It was ideally paired by Veronika, an expert in wine, with “De Bortoli, Riverina” (USD 7 / glass), a young generic Chardonnay from a small vineyard establish in the 1920s in Bilbul, North-South Wales, Australia.
Effective now, all Minors (0-17) passengers travel to Macau must fill in the relevant supporting documents to EVA AIR 7 days before the flight departure. THE BUSINESS VISITS – A visit to Morocco combines interesting cultural activities with visits to NGOs and local entrepreneurs who openly share previous obstacles to business development and insights into the local culture. It’s a hectic life – whether you are in a business meeting, chatting to expats about living in Vietnam or just buying a beer in a local bar.

Bun cha, a Vietnamese dish consisting of grilled pork and white rice noodles, is a popular dish here in Ho Chi Minh City , despite having originated from Hanoi. They all looked delicious that it’s hard to recommend just one main dish, so why not try a little bit of everything? Spicy grilled prawns, vegetable spring rolls, lemongrass pork… and the list goes on and on. The friendly staff sure know how to keep me feeling welcome, too, by constantly making conversations and asking me if the food was any good. Apart from that, they serve a good range of main dishes that you can eat for breakfast or lunch.
Plus they have a full English menu which makes ordering easy (though you don’t really need a menu to order pho). Pho Le has been serving up delicious southern-style pho since the 1970s. It has become one of the city’s favorite noodle shops and for good reason – the portions are huge and the broth is exquisite. Often you’ll Vietnamese Restaurant be presented with a menu that seems to have a dizzying array of options – all written in Vietnamese. Other times, there may be no menu at all and you’ll simply be expected to describe how you want your bowl of pho prepared. Some noodle shops are renowned for their delicious broth, others for their healthy portions of beef.

The restaurant was originally an old French villa located on a quiet alley so the atmosphere there is always peaceful. Hi Tom, am in Hoi An, I have found a good way to spot a locals restaurant is the chairs – big chairs, westernised food, little chairs authentic food. This entry was posted in Features & Guides , Food & Drink, Popular Guides, Resources, Saigon, Street Food, The South and tagged best, blog, guide, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, street food, travel, Vietnam, where to eat. A long, narrow street connecting two of Saigon’s biggest arteries, Phan Văn Hân Street is lined with cheap food stalls frequented by locals and students from nearby universities. Just across the Thị Nghè Channel from the glitz and glamour of Saigon’s central District 1, Phan Văn Hân Street has a very local, unpretentious atmosphere. The street is densely packed with food vendors, shops, homes, businesses and motorbikes, creating an intimate environment where space is often shared.
On top of a marvelous bowl of banh canh cua, all the staff and the owner of the restaurant were all very kind and smiled when we said we were from Thailand. Trần Khắc Chân only opens in the afternoon, and I thought I was going to beat the crowds by arriving at a random time, about 3 pm in the middle of the afternoon. But I arrived to find nearly the entire restaurant was already packed out. The reason I included it on this Saigon food article is because I simply love it – if there’s ever a restaurant with a country wide Vietnamese food menu, I would probably jump at bun cha. Another bowl of Hủ tiếu, this time a different style, was at another restaurant not far from where I stayed, at a famous place calledHủ tiếu Nam Vang Nhân Quán.

Lastly, there’s District 5, aka Saigon’s Chinatown, aka Cholon. Come during a major Chinese holiday and Cholon’s most famous street, Lantern Street, turns into a visual spectacle of softly glowing paper lamps. Chances are you’ve only ever considered Ho Chi Minh City as a stopover at the start or end of a trip to Vietnam. But spend some time exploring the southern metropolis, and you’ll wish you’d booked a much longer stay. They said that chicken, beef, pork are made from veggies but I don’t really know, haha.

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