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Encre Noire is attractive, angular, with high cheek bones and a very distinct presence. It's wearable in an effortless way and actually feels stylish in a timeless manner, which is exactly the thing that makes a true classic. Fans of Guerlain Vetiver who are looking for something less obvious should give Encre Noire a thorough testing. since its fresh and not too offensive have a very reasonable price. The only drawback is longevity and projection. I found the projection 1-2 hours after that became a skin scent and lasted about 3-5 hours in my skin but its okay with that price I did not expect more. Encre Noire Cologne by Lalique, Encre Noire was created in 2006 by veteran perfumer Nathalie Lorson.
People I've shown this fragrance to have rather said it just smells peaceful, among other similar things. When I smell it, it reminds me of my time in Hawaii. Not of the commercial, Honolulu beach, drinking from a coconut Hawaii, but rather the nature aspects and the calm, untouched wet forest areas. It really smells so natural and beautiful, like a place untouched by humanity where only mother nature has done a thing, and you're here to see it. People keep touting this fragrance as a sad, uninviting one, but I don't find it as that at ALL. You could definitely call it melancholy but even then I see it as just a very, very peaceful fragrance. It smells just like being at peace, whether you're sad or happy.

The drydown is both woody and musky, very smooth and balanced. To me it is a perfect example for a shared/unisex scent.
It is slightly rugged by the wooden cap addition, which compliments the gloss of the dark tinted glass. The downside is that it's difficult to see how much one has left. There is some cypress but it feels like it is smothered in something; I think it's the musk that does that, or the combination of the musk and cashmere wood. There is a distinct smell of pencil shavings in the opening hour or so. There's a sweetness from somewhere but I can't understand quite where given the notes. It feels a little heavy and oppressive to me. On its own, it's an ultra dark, sharp vetiver with some cypress thrown in, and opens up with a strong minty/mentholated touch that breathes some life into the scent.

It has a top note of cypress, a middle note of Haitian vetiver, and base notes of cashmere wood and musk. Encre Noire Pour Homme is an eau de toilette, edt. The smell is nice, I cannot lie but also not the most gorgeous perfume that I've put my nose on. Very woody, masculine and quite refined for the price. In combination with the vetiver it creates a nice combo but not a killer one. I see it as a mature scent that you can surprise your elders with. Give it a try, it might suit your tastes.
The drydown lasts for a potent, 6+ hours, maybe more, I had to take a shower at this point, so I don't know. Overall, I think this is outstanding quality for the price, but unfortunately the drydown is just too dated and masculine for me to wear.
I think I'll keep it though, for when I want to remember my Dzedo. It is supposed to focus more on its woodsy elements and intensify it as compared to the fragrances that came before it. The masculine creation was made possible through the direction of perfumer Nathalie Lorson. Notes for the fragrance include incense, bergamot, vetiver, patchouli, cypress and sandalwood. Encre Noire Lalique for men is a fragrance with real personality, a celebration of both vetyver and modernity. Encre Noire Lalique for men is a fragrance created in praise of wood.

I haven't tried the Eau de Parfum, and don't plan to, given that it runs $750. I got my 50 ml Eau de Toilette at parfum1 for $42, and am perfectly happy with it. All our fragrance are 100% Genuine Authentic Hand Decanted Samples. DecantX carefully creates each sample in a secured and temporized lab. Using the highest quality glass vials and equipping every bottle with a spray top . Encore Noire by Lalique is composed by the perfumer, nose Nathalie Lorson. The iconic black bottle of Encre Noire by Lalique was meticulously designed back in 2006.
Apart from that this stuff is something else. A must in your collection if you are interested in scents if you ask me. If Marcus Aurelius wore fragrance, it would be this one.

It is the japanese inkcake - and it smells very different. So you get a mixture of greener vetiver with some smokey vetiver mixed in. I think this is a truly beautiful scent.
I mean… I really love Sycamore or Terre d’Hermmes openings but this one was that strong that it made me nauseous. I was very disappointed because I really wanted to like this frag. After 1 hour, I started to get the feeling of liking it more and more to the point of loving it! The dry down is significantly better than the opening and the woody note comes into the game altogether with a marked Iso e super note . This is a first ever woody fragrance I love. My type of scent is sweet gourmand, but this one is an exception. A soft woody notes is the main core of this fragrance.

Performance and sillage are very good to excellent. But try it before you buy, this isn't a mainstream fragrance. It feels like this is near useless to me, good but useless. A cold forest under a cloudy sky, a time to reflect. On the dry down it goes to freesia and snowdrop, if I would smell the colour "cherryblossom pink" this would be it. Not a big sillage, it stays put and makes heart happy.
This woman has a Vetiver Expertise and next I am hoping for vetiver in outer space. The parfum version, unfortunately, smelled sour on me. The citrus in the EDT is an effervescent one, but in the parfum it is more like the smell of the rind, and the woods are heavier. I should smell it for myself to look for the inky note . I find the smell of ink strangely comforting and I enjoy grinding an inkstick against an inkstone time to time – it’s almost meditative. I will definitely add vetiver to the series.
Manly man, versatile, office impactful but friendly, impeccable fragrance. I understand its name "encre noire" - black ink - as an analogy to the monochromatic basic black of fashion - a timeless classic, distant from temporary trends. For the scent, I always think of a small village town or a cottage house in the countryside.

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