Why Should You Choose These Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Perfect if you want to try out a full face mask before investing in a premium model. The innovative air channel makes sure you’re not breathing in the same air you’ve just exhaled. That’s a crucial difference between this mask and cheaper imitations. This model also has a dry valve snorkel tube and a one-way drain valve on the chin. With the FlowTech advanced air intake system, this full face mask offers 50% easier breathing composed to others on the market. With 2 chambers and 4 one-way intake valves that ensure the fresh air flows freely.
Breathing through a snorkel is only appropriate for relaxed surface swimming. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to exert yourself when you are swimming with a snorkeling packages, you should remove the whole mask and swim without it. Most full face snorkel masks these days have a cross over section behind your head, which gives you a more secure and bespoke fit. This full-face mask is an excellent choice for beginners and comes at a reasonable price also.

It also comes with a supposedly super absorbent microfiber towel and is small enough to fit inside your hand luggage. When unpacked, it is only 16 X 31 inches and easily fits in your pocket. Thanks to this additional feature, both you and your mask can be dry after your snorkeling adventure.
It is not the perfect solution, mind, but at least it would lessen the chances of inhaled and exhaled air volume mixing. Where I see the really dangerous part is, perhaps your facial config does not fit the nose/mouth enclosure completely, and that could cause you to breathe actually from the whole mask volume. This means that a relatively large portion of the exhalation will be inhaled again, meaning more CO2 with every breath. I tested the new mask made by HEAD in calm shallow waters, then on Feb 1, 2019 set out to snorkel the waters around the Molokini Crater off Maui.

If you’re looking to take footage while snorkeling, this is the mask for you. Not only is it high quality, but it has a built in GoPro mount for setting up your camera. This mask has been tested safe, and features a separate breathing chamber, as well as four intake valves make sure that you’re always breathing fresh air. If airflow is a main concern with a full face mask, I’d go for a mask with increased air flow valves and advanced technology to keep the air inside your mask fresh and breathable. The most important factor when it comes to choosing a full face mask is purchasing the right size.
One end of this adapter that interfaces with the mask will slightly vary with the different brands/make of the mask. In most models, there is an additional exhale port toward the mouth/chin area, which can be blocked by either inverting or permanently blocking it, when it’s used in a sterile environment. Draeger Panorama full-face mask with Apeks P-ported demand valve. There also is the problem of "dead space" inside some masks causing risk of carbon dioxide retention. Free flow air supply overcomes these problems by providing so much air that the mask is constantly flushed.
Thanks to the mask’s innovative double chambered venting system, your 180º panoramic view will never be obscured by fog. Instead, exhaled air is circulated downwards then out via the snorkel. The snorkel on this mask also has an extra wide tube with a multi-purge valve, greatly increasing airflow as well. There’s a fog-free 180-degree lens that offers a great viewing experience, all without worrying about breathing. This Flowtech advanced air intake system provides a 50% easier breathing experience compared to other full face masks.

Can you please short list any safe and quality products that meet this criteria and possibly a recommendation or at least the product that is closest to meeting this criteria. I have seen reports of a number of deaths of people using full face masks. Having used the mask on a number of occasions I am now worried about using it in the future. So, before you go snorkeling, weather it’s with a Full Face Mask or a regular snorkel mask, make sure you know how to Snorkel and know the environment you go out in. The dry top snorkel valve helps to prevent water from entering the breathing tube.
3, When the mask in place, stretch the head strap over the back of your head. - Ask our sales person for special discount when you repeat your orders. Different masks have different depth amounts, so be sure to look at this in terms of how deep you think you’ll be going.

From your experience could you help me decide which to go for please? I will only be snorkelling when Im on holiday so sadly it’s not a regular activity. It was leaking through the nose piece and all in all, not a mask we’d recommend you buy at the moment. That said, I’m not sure if they made updates to the model, that made it work better.

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